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In 2016, the online marketing industry has introduced several ground-breaking concepts which have been adapted across different platforms. Pokémon Go was a revelation, and the industry did not expect the earning potential that stemmed from this augmented reality (AR) experience. The app made $10 million a day, and although the hype was not sustained, it had given internet marketers an idea of what works.
More than any other industry, the online marketing world is generous to companies or groups that plan ahead, anticipate shifts in trends and take calculated risks. These are the best ways to stay ahead of the competition and bring in financial success for your company or your clients. Here are few things worth looking into:
1. Native Advertising
This isn’t a new concept. Native advertising has been around for several years, but it will be on upward swing next year. Consumers have become more discerning and want to see ads that cater to their needs and interests. The one-size-fits-all ads don’t get people’s attention anymore. Ads and commercials will become more targeted to specific niches. Instead of Christmas shoppers in general, the commercials will be about grandfathers looking for gifts for their grandchildren. The approaches are also more heart-warming than hard sell – no longer selling a product but an experience.

2. Immersive Content Marketing
Virtual reality and augmented reality has made people crave the interactive experience. They’re no longer content with tapping at their phones or clicking on their computers. Immersive marketing will become the norm in 2017. Companies will be offering live webinars and workshops which connects people from different countries and allows them to interact with one another. 360 videos also brings your target audience to where you are, and this makes them a captive audience. If you’re selling vacation packages, you don’t even have to do pitches. Take your prospective clients to the site and allow them to look at the view from different angles. It will be an easy close after that.
The next few months of 2017 will be more about making your customers feel and experience the bigger picture. That there is so much more to life that they are not seeing, tasting, or feeling.

3. More ‘Dense Content’
Content will continue to be king, and will dominate in an even bigger way than it had the past years. However, since there is plenty of fluff and rubbish online, the best way to differentiate yourself would be to create more densely packed and concise content. Nowadays, people just scroll through news feeds and share content or videos based on the headlines they see. Internet marketers must respond to this trend by making sure that their headlines are catchy and the snippets truly worth reading.

4. Live Video Streaming
Online marketing will be all about live video streams in the coming year. Netizens can’t wait for the news articles or blog post to go up. They want to see what’s happening and see for themselves how the event unfolded. Given that mobile phones are packed with more power now and Internet speeds are going blindly fast, the problem of slow and buffering video streams will be eliminated. Soon press conferences, movie premieres, product launches and other events and much-awaited affairs can be streamed live.

This will open unlimited income opportunities to internet marketers, not to mention allow them to reach a wider audience.
If you’re an online marketer, you don’t necessarily have to try out all of these things at the same time. Just keep an eye out for how fast or slowly they are developing and plan the right time to jump in and launch your campaign. It can be tricky and confusing, so if you’re unsure, you can let professionals handle the job for you. Expert SEO Companies in Bedfordshire have teams of skilled professionals who can sit down with you and brainstorm your online marketing campaigns for 2017.

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