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All over the world, companies both large and small are migrating to Office 365. In fact, there is an extensive list of businesses that are using the said application. There are several reasons why there is an upsurge of agencies transferring, here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Accessibility. A lot of people have been maximizing cloud storage. In fact, almost everyone has a cloud account for various purposes. Users find it convenient if important applications can be accessed anywhere. Cloud-based solutions guarantee that you can open up your documents almost anytime, anywhere.
2. Mobile Applications. No one can deny the rise of the use of mobile gadgets for various purposes. So, having an application available for both Apple and Android makes it easier for mobile users, particularly the millennials, to use the product whenever they want It certainly cuts down the hassle of finding a computer to open a particular document. Businessmen who are always on-the-go find that this certainly saves time and is also practical for their busy lifestyles.
3. Familiarity. Almost everyone has grown up knowing its design and function. Once they open the application, it doesn’t take too long to figure out what to do next. One can have just downloaded the program, and won’t have to worry about how to use it. Companies find that this makes it easier for their employees to use and that most do not have to be taught on how it is supposed to work.
4. Free Tools. Start-up businesses do not have to worry about the expense that they might pay upon transferring to this program. Windows store has many programs and software that are helpful to businesses, and a lot of them are free! Not just the trial version, but actually the whole program.
5. Unified Setting. No longer will you have to worry about where to find your applications, as this can be added to your home screen and you can access them in one place. This makes it easier especially if you are in hurry, and you wish to work fast but right.
6. Data Protection. Every single file and document are essential for the company’s growth. One of the biggest nightmares every business has is losing them. So knowing that all your data are backed-up in case the worse happens makes it easier for owner and employees alike to breathe.
Transferring to Office 365 certainly has its benefits, and it comes to little wonder that local Office 365 companies are continually growing. If you are a business owner and are considering to use this program, here are few things you have to consider before you do so: Buff up your spam and virus protection. Since this program is cloud-based, it is more susceptible to spam and viruses. Check every detail of your security features to ensure that your important files will not be compromised. Invest on the best anti-virus program that you can find and use it well. After all these, you can be sure that all your important data are in safe hands.

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