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Technology has a big part in this world; it influences individuals’ everyday lives. It made our life easier and quicker but hazardous. The technology has improved our lives and illuminated our psyches; however in quest for its comfortable solaces, individuals have a tendency to be over-dependent on it, so much that they can’t envision living without it. Technology is about the changing of thoughts into something unmistakable. Development is not just for those associations and people who are inventive, additionally requires the nearness of logical and mechanical ability. Technology has without uncertainty changed our lives into something much better and it can change everyday.

However, technology isn’t continually conveying great impact to individuals; it has also terrible impacts. It has made the era more voracious, oblivious, and lethargic. Technology is assuming control over our reality. Individuals don’t understand what it is doing; they don’t control their selves. Also, it can change one’s life. Innovation also influences PC and cellphone world, individuals can hack somebody’s record and they can spook them, what most exceedingly awful it they could hurt them. People are too are excessively overpowered of what innovation can do; they don’t realize what affects it can bring to them. Like Facebook, without technology people can’t use their Facebook accounts; some of them are using Facebook as a medium to communicate with their loved ones, they use it as a past time but others use it for bad intention. Everyone should always be attentive and aware when it comes to these kinds of situations.
Also, everyone can recycle something in technology, people can use it as their business; but, they must have enough knowledge on how to do it. They can read books or magazine, and they can search on the internet: how to fix computers, cellphones and about recycled materials, like can brass be recycled? Monitors and etc.
On the other side, technology is really useful in this generation; it made our life easier, we can cook our food in just 3 minutes or less, we can communicate with our loved ones with just one click, we can watch movies and series, we can use it as business and also, sometimes we don’t need books or newspaper since we can search everything on the internet. In the event that we were to really think about the way we live today and how life was a couple of years back, we will see how much technology has changed our lives. It has given us a great deal of flexibility furthermore a considerable measure of approaches to save money on assets and time.
This world is loaded with the advantages of technology. Thusly, we are sometimes relying upon technology excessively. We essentially can’t envision living without it. It has expanded our life expectancy and nature of living. It has conveyed us nearer to each other in certain ways and floated away in others. Without it, our lives would have been more straightforward, harder, poorer, separated, unoriginal, detached and risky.

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