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People nowadays like to travel around the cities or world. They want to go with different places; they are striving hard for their dream to make it happen. Despite of everything they wanted at the end of the day they still cherish their home, because it is a place where we grew and develop, we consider it as a person, we can cry and laugh freely, we can do whatever we like, and especially we can let out our inner self. Home is the place you need to live in light of the way that you have your belonging in it. Notwithstanding the likelihood that you move to another house, in spite of all that you have these things which will help you to recall diverse homes that you have lived in. Each individual’s essentialness is particular. We relate home with opinions of comfort, and love. However, our home is a place where we can bond our loved ones, we can invite them and make a small gathering, with this kind of event people can make new memories that can help them to enlighten their emotions, they will value more their home since it holds so much memories.

Each of us can reminisce something even when we see one corner or things in our home, it can give millions of emotions in our hearts, it can make our day complete or sad. We cherish our home like we cherish our companions. Moreover, we can use our home to help other people; we can make a small event inside or in front of our home, we can gather our friends to help us to decorate our home for that small event. Many things can be done at home; we just need to be resourceful and smart to do these.
Sometimes, when we are being sad we forgot our loved ones; however our home is always there to remind us that we are not alone to continue our life, it is the best way to live longer and to value our family. Each of us has a tendency to leave our home and make a family. But, there is always a time that you will remember your first home, those unforgettable memories you’ve shared, and emotions.
However, when we are still young we should do things in our home so that one day we will smiling while remembering those kind of memories. We can travel and look for different home; we can search it on the internet or books, like places to stay for a few nights in Bedfordshire, America or even in Asia.
Someday our home can be a memory, everything in this world is temporary, a home is just a structure but it will be more meaningful because of the memories. When we get old we will remember our home because we cherish it, we will remember unforgettable memories, even if it’s sad or happy, and we will reminisce it by the end of the day.

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