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A Family Law Firm Will Help You Legally As Well As Emotionally

People know how serious the issue of divorce is, it not only apart two people but affects the whole family. Yet when it comes to hiring a family lawyer, people turn a deaf year to suggestions coming in this regard. They are least bothered which law firm to go to have a proper legal consultation. Everyone is aware of the fact a family is the biggest investment in a person’s life. A person doesn’t invest money but emotions as well and if the return comes out to be a divorce, you have clearly borne a huge loss. A healthy marriage is a strong foundation for any family to start with. However, if a marriage is carrying the weight of problems from quite a long time and the point has come where divorce is the only solution then it is time you start looking for the right legal help provider. It becomes all the more important when you are running short on time and money.

New Way Lawyers, Australia’s first not for profit law firm, will help you by giving you the correct advice and without taking any advantage of your situation. We believe that justice shouldn’t be denied on any grounds. Therefore, we will render you family legal services irrespective of your status, gender, religion, age or disability. We work for people and not profit.

If you think you can sort out the issue then you are wrong because matters like divorce involve much more complications than what you can think of. Instead of saving your time and money on lawyers now and creating problems for yourself in future, it is better to go in-depth of the matter now and cut the problem from its roots. Divorce is not limited to getting separated from your partner. It also means dealing with the things which guarantee you as well as your children a safe and happy future despite being part of a broken family. Different applications have to be filed for divorce and matters that will occur after the divorce, such as child custody, child support, child protection, property settlement, etc. Moreover, a lawyer will make you aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Our team of lawyers consists of experts and they know Australian family law inside out. They have solved many cases before and therefore, they are the perfect to assist you in such matters. They understand the gravity of such situations; thereby they will guide you emotionally as well as legally. They will listen to you; discuss your issue in detail before giving you any type of suggestion. According to divorce lawyers Burleigh Heads, out of court settlement shall be preferred over court proceedings. Since latter is demanding in terms of time and money. However, if proceedings are already going on or they will soon resume then our lawyers will represent you in court as well.

If you think this is the right time that and your partner head in your own directions and seek expert’s advice pertaining to same then contact us. Our attorneys will give you the direction, tell you the right way and help you in moving forward.

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