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Features To Check Before Renting An Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine made stitching easy for us as compared to hand sewing. These machines are used for both domestic as well as industrial level. The domestic machines are for normal day to day use. While the industrial sewing machines are used for stitching more rigid materials like upholstery, denim and leather. These types of machinery are for bulk industrial production of clothing and other materials. These machines are bigger in size and they are faster than the domestic ones. These Industrial equipment are used for large scale production; it is a common myth that these machines are used for heavy stitching only. But this is not fully true; they can sew lighter materials also.

The Prime Types of Industrial Sewing Machine

Basically, when you are a beginner and looking for an industrial sewing machine for hire, you should be aware of all the types. Majorly for heavy duty stitching four kinds of machines are mainly used and following are:


Flatbed is the most common type of industrial sewing machine; it closely resembles the standard sewing machines found in most homes. Thus, consumers should believe the flatbed over other types of industrial sewing machines. This is used for stitching two flat pieces together.  The second one is Cylinder-Bed it features a narrow column instead of a flat base that passes fabric around and under the column instead of passing the fabric over a flat surface. This is very useful in darning shoes, cuffs and saddles. Post-Bed handles difficult mending jobs, such as attaching emblems and producing equine boots. Off-the-Arm handles the most difficult sewing jobs of heavier and thicker materials. The ordinary applications performed by off-the-arm sewing machines include producing sleeve and shoulder seams.

Buyers who are considering industrial sewing machines for hire should know the jargons, such as semi-industrial, heavy-duty, and industrial strength. Take a look at some basic features to look for while taking Industrial Sewing Machine on rent. The foremost feature is big bobbin, as it is considered to be an ideal feature for mending heavy fibres at a faster pace. The bobbin of larger diameter holds more thread for large scale jobs. Another feature is side-mount bobbin winder; this helps in operating machine belts. Operators can easily adjust the speed and length of the winders also. While this feature does not come in some models, but one can install these winders easily as it is neither expensive nor complicated. Compound walking foot prevents fabric from becoming entangled in the machine. It can sew heavy upholstery materials.

After knowing the types and features of Industrial Sewing machine, if you are set to lease a sewing machine. First, you should know your primary purpose of contracting an industrial sewing machine. Setting your budget will also help you in taking the right decision. You should check the condition of the machine, to check aspects such as noise level, operating capability, tension, and ease of feeding materials is necessary. Perhaps the most important buying tip is to take two pieces of fabric and "test drive" an industrial sewing machine under consideration to make sure for high performance.

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