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Steps in The Rehabilitation Process

Drug and alcohol abuse is the menace of this era and anyone can be involved in it whether a teenager or an adult. If you or your loved one is engaged in this brain damaging activity, rehabilitation is the only way to a sober life. Why do you need rehabilitation? You need rehab because when drugs or alcohol take a toll on you, all the spheres of your life will be affected. Be it your family life, work or school, with drug abuse you will not be able to balance. Addiction rehab in Vaughan follows the following steps to ensure your recovery:

Step 1: Intake

Just like in any institution, rehabs have an intake process. At this stage, you get to make enquiries on the services they offer. The admission personnel will also require you or the person you are bringing to rehab to answer personal questions. Other centers go a step further and conduct diagnostic screenings to assess the severity of addiction. No matter what the institution requires ensure that your needs are met before settling for a particular rehab facility.

Step 2: Detox

Detox or detoxification (in full) is the process in which the body of the abuser is cleansed from all traces of either drug or alcohol. The process is usually conducted at the initial stage of rehabilitation. Detox varies from one patient to the other due to:
·         The type of drug abused as well as the dosage
·         How long the abuser was on drugs
·         Difference in body metabolism and
·         Additional drugs involved
Detoxification is usually associated with withdrawal symptoms which could be both fatal and life threatening. Conducting it at home is therefore not safe instead get it done at a facility with medical supervision for a safe detox. 

Step 3: Rehab

Once detox is over, it is time to get down to business. Rehabilitation involves addressing the main reasons why you or your loved one started on this destructive behavior. This realization helps abusers to move forward without falling into relapse. In rehab, patients are exposed to:

Individual therapy

One-on-one sessions with the counsellors help to endorse cognitive behavioral therapy on a patient. Through this, a patient gets to recognize personal struggles and learn new ways of addressing with them without returning to drug abuse.

Group therapy

Addiction rehab in Vaughan entails group sessions to build communal support between patients. Individuals get a sense that they are not alone in this tussle. Group therapy also boosts the patient’s morale not to return to their old ways.

Family therapy

When a loved one is abusing drugs, all the family members are affected in his/her behavior. That is why rehab centers offer therapy sessions where members of the family are involved to share their concerns and pain that your addiction causes them. This session helps to resolve issues within the family allowing an easy transition once the addict comes back home.

Step 4: Recovery

Recovery is the fruit of the long rehabilitation process. For some it may take months, years while for others it may be a life-long process. Although this is the last stage it can also be a critical one if the abuser is tempted back to abusing drugs. Counselors usually draft after care plans before releasing the patient.

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