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What Do Geotechnical Engineers Do?

Geotechnical engineering refer to the study, understanding, analysis and evaluation of how various soil formations behave under the impact of loading forces and water interactions. The application of this knowledge is necessary to ensure the proper design and construction of various forms of infrastructure. These include tunnels, buildings, retaining walls, bridges, airports, earth dams, roads, ports, clay liners and landfills. The aim of experts who specialize in this field is to design foundations of infrastructure projects, selecting proper routes to lay railway tracks or highways and find areas for waste disposal. The specialists in this branch of civil engineering may work either in the field or in a laboratory. This is to conduct tests to assess and determine the properties of soil sites along with other materials.

Reddy Kancharla is a prominent civil engineer with over 25 years of valuable experience in the fields of civil construction and geotechnical consultation.  In addition to this, he has held various managerial posts for over ten years and is most sought-after expert in the field of construction quality analysis and control. During his illustrious career, this master’s degree holder from Texas Tech University has been responsible for designing various foundations for different types of infrastructure. He would also identify, examine and rectify various construction discrepancies. He would ensure proper compliance with various quality assurance processes during the construction of various structures and implementation quality-control systems in accordance with ISO standards.

What is the role of Geotechnical engineers in society?

He says that geotechnical engineers are responsible for the designing and construction of various infrastructure projects. These include tunnels, overhead bridges, highways, buildings, airports, docks, railways and landfills. These engineering specialists need to ensure that the blueprints of such projects are safe for public use and serve their intended purpose from the construction phase to the future.  These experts need to collect enough information they require for analysis and to prepare their designs from the investigation sites where they intend to build the infrastructure.

Such areas could be in urban or rural locations. They also need to study and analyze the occurrence of landslides so that they can prevent such catastrophes in the future. They also need to ensure that infrastructure projects they build can withstand the incidence of earthquakes. Engineers who specialize in this field tend to be proficient mathematics and mechanics. They are comfortable discharging their responsibilities in an open environment or in an office.

Reddy Kancharla goes on to explain that the various infrastructure projects that people see around them need to have their foundations on various rock formations or soil. Geotechnical engineers are responsible for studying such surfaces and ensure the buildings they construct on top of them are safe for public use. They also have to make sure that such structures are durable enough to withstand earthquakes and various landslides. This is reason why experts who specialize in this field of engineering find employment in government agencies, public utilities, consultancy firms and the construction industry.

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