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What is a Pharmaceutical Technician?

A pharmaceutical technician is a career field that involves you putting together prescription drugs for patients. This requires you to understand medical terminology and know which medications are which and how to mix, crush and sort them. You can learn what you is required either through on the job training or by attending a course at a vocational school. All that is usually required of you to enroll is that you have a high school diploma or a GED. Some will work with you if you don’t have one.

Pharmaceutical technicians are in demand and can be found working at various places, such as nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, in-home patient facilities or other inpatient organizations. At these places, you will be required to put together the medications for the patients in the care of the facility. In some cases a full 24 hours worth of medications is needed for each patient. The working conditions of the pharmacy technician include well-lit rooms, but do require you to do a lot of standing around. If you will be working in a pharmacy, you will be required to interact with the customers that come in with prescriptions to fill. It is the pharmacy technician’s duty to make sure that the medications are done exactly as the doctor prescribes.

Most of the prescriptions pharmacy techs receive at the pharmacy are written, but sometimes they can be sent electronically. In this case, it is required of the pharmaceutical technician to call the doctor’s office to verify what was received. Once verified, the pharmacy tech begins preparing the order for the patient to pick up. It is very important that the pharmacy technician is detail oriented and very careful when working.

Becoming a pharmacy technician isn’t difficult. Most vocational schools minimum requirement is for you to have a GED or equivalent. Some may let you slide. There you will learn laboratory procedures, medical terminology, pharmaceutical rules and ethics and other things one should know before becoming a technician. Then there are some people that learn everything through on the job training, but some places require formal training before being hired as a pharmacy technician. Depending on the state you live in will determine how often you have to receive a refreshers course; most of the time it is every two years.

A pharmacy technician is very important in today’s pharmaceuticals business because without them, people wouldn’t have the easy access to their medications. Pharmacies have made it very convenient for individuals to go and pick up their prescription drugs. The pharmacy tech has to know which pills and liquids to crush and mix to fill the prescription they are given. Besides knowing the medical basics of this career field, it is also required of you to have people skills because pharmacy technicians have to interact with lots of customers if working in a pharmacy. This setting also requires the pharmaceutical technician to answer phones and take money for the prescription drugs.

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