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Which Qualities Should A Tender Writer Possess?

A tender is a competitive process via which governments and corporations award large contracts. A Tender Writer is somebody who writes tenders for a living. A well written tender should focus on the client and identify ways in which the responding company can assist them in fulfilling their objectives. To be a good Tender Writer you must be able to manage conflicting deadlines and prioritise tasks.

A good Tender Writer should have excellent written communication skills, be capable of working under pressure and have a good understanding of the products or services they are tendering to provide. Winning tenders outline the solution for a proposed project, explaining how the services the responding company provides will achieve the objectives outlined in the tender specifications. A Tender Writer also needs to be able to manage large groups of people to obtain specific information within tight timeframes, requiring good interpersonal and time management skills.

Writing tenders can be a stressful task particularly when the deadline is close, therefore a good Tender Writer should be able to manage stress effectively and work efficiently under pressure. Deadlines are important to Tender Writers because the tender will not be evaluated if it is submitted late. There is no formal qualification which is specifically undertaken in order to be a Tender Writer, but Tender Writers usually have a degree or a trader qualification.

In order to be a good Tender Writer, you should be able to explain technical concepts in easy to understand language without too much use of industry jargon. This is because tenders are evaluated by teams of procurement specialists from a range of backgrounds, so all readers must be able to understand the language used.

An effective Tender Writer will always provide evidence to support their claims. For example, if the tender calls for information about demonstrated experience, the Tender Writer would include details about similar contracts the responding company has managed and support these with referees. Tenders A to Z provides professional tender writing services for many clients. For more information about our tender writing services go to

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