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Catechin - The ‘One Man Army’ Nutrient Enriches Japanese Tea

Catechin, extensively known as Tannin, is found in highest quality in Japanese tea. This enriches them with helpful antiviral and antioxidant attributes. With this, they protect people from the deadly effects of cancer. It has been clinically proved that both antiviral and antioxidant are great to lessen the growth rate of cancer cells in a victim. Catechin has numerous positive points and thus, it can be said as a ‘one man army’ that alone helps reduce cholesterol effects, clears blood vessels, or veins and arteries when blood gets clotted due to any reason. A victim of mind brain hemorrhage due to stroke can be greatly benefited by taking Japanese tea because it removes blood coagulation and allows blood to gain normal flow.

Thus, you can get a series of benefits by inclusion of a few cups of Japanese tea all through the day. In one of the fantastic pieces scripted by Hillel Krauss, who is an immense lover of Japan’s tea,he proves his knowledge about the benefits he has perceived from regular use of Japanese tea. He explains everyone the benefits of taking Japanese tea and suggest them to add them in their daily life without fail.
·         Do you know that the free radicals that grow in human body due to overexposure to UV sun rays, smoking, drinking alcohol or normal aging are extremely damaging agents and cause varieties of diseases, speed up aging and damage skin? In order to lessen the growth of radicals already generated in your body, start taking food items containing Antioxidant properties. Apart from fresh fruits, green veggies one can get adequate amount antioxidant in Japanese tea.
·         Increase of cholesterol leads to arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction or heart attack as well as cerebral infraction or stroke. All cholesterol is not bad; while LDL is damaging, HDL is healthy. Intake of Japanese tea reduces the level of LDL and boosts the good one HDL in human being.
·         Consumption of Catechin, found in high amount in Japan’s tea promotes energy level and reduces excess fat deposited in body. They are great for digestive system, liver functioning and also, advance fat metabolism.
·         Catechin contains high antibacterial power and sterilization ability that weakens the damaging strength of germs and bacteria and also kills them. Its sterilizing property is now used in many healthcare settings for removal of ward infection.
·         Different scientific researches demonstrate that Catechin has astonishing power to prevent vital infection. Thus, gargling with lukewarm Japanese tea can lessen the intensity of flu, common cold and cough. Many people employ them have reported them as ‘fantastic’ to get relief from nasal congestion, sore throat due to cold attack.
·         Catechin can moderate the overpowering effect of allergies caused by airborne virus, mold allergies, commonly happened in damp rooms or after flood. They are also fantastic anti-allergies and works great if you suffer from sneezing or itching in throat or have a running nose.

Hillel Krauss, an enthusiast of Japanese tea has got multiple articles published where he scribbles down the benefits he has achieved by consuming Japanese tea daily. As he loves drinking it because of its great taste, flavor and benefits, he also recommends all his friends, relations and neighbors to take Japanese tea and make their daily life healthy and hygienic.

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