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Cost of Removing a Tree

Tree removal charges are mainly decided by the size of the tree in question. Therefore, trees like pine and red oak known to grow massively in size and width would typically cost more. For large trees, the cost should range from $500 to $1000. Keep in mind that tree removal cost varies as it depends on the tree removal company. Consequently, medium sized trees like black gum and Crabapple, standing at about 30 – 60 feet high will probably cost around $200 and $400. Small trees with height below 30 feet will cost anywhere around $120.

Equally, you can carry out a physical inspection to ascertain the health of a tree. Normally, red dust around the bottom of a tree usually indicates decay; and in the event that it is actually decaying, mushrooms and bugs will fester throughout the tree. Similarly, another thing that points towards an obvious decay is the presence of fungus and insects feasting on the tree. This usually indicates the presence of dead matter. Furthermore, you can inspect the trunk for decay. Subsequently, other indicators for a rotting tree include dead tree bark, discolored areas, and wounds. Likewise, a hollowed or cracked trunk also indicates decay. In addition, a tree with weakened roots should be removed immediately before they cause any harm. Hence, the need to contact a professional tree removal company in your area.

In the event that you are unsure of what a tree removal may cost, or you simply do not want to be over charged, you can come up with an estimate. Typically, for smaller trees, the removal cost is around $8 per foot. Thus, if you multiply this by the height of the tree, you should have an estimate. Similarly, this applies to medium sized and large trees. They are typically charged at $9 and $10 respectively for each foot. If you multiply this by their total length, you should arrive at a rough estimate on the cost of a tree removal would cost.

In addition, you want to be certain that you have the right company to carry out your tree removal. A bad job can be very unpleasing to the eye. Thus, you may want to ask friends or family for a reliable tree removal company; probably, they’ve hired their services at one point in time. Similarly, checking the internet for tree removal services can reveal a few companies that are into this business and providing such services. In that case, look out for reviews and find out what others think of their service they delivered.

However, it is important that you prioritize quality over cost when it comes to tree removal. Not to mention, you want to be sure that the tree removal service you settle for is insured and fully registered. Hence, settling for a good company will reduce the chances of a damage or injury during the tree removal process.

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