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Knowing from Selim Zherka about His Perspective of Importance of Charities

There is often news in the journals which say how celebrities wish to enhance their public profile by doing a bit of charity, and this is exactly when the importance of charities and their status in the society. However, there have been some legal regulations set for these charitable organizations as well. Not all can claim themselves to be charities without proving the good they do for the society. Now what is being considered as good in the eyes of the law, as there can be perspectives of both good and bad? Since the terms good and bad are comparative, it needs to be defined, and hence any act that helps the society to progress forward is considered to be an act of benefit for the society.

However, there has been some confusion that still runs in the scenario. It is nothing new that businessmen and reputed personalities associate themselves with the charities, and that is indeed a bold move. Similarly, Selim Zherka, a man who has been living within the community for long has actually been an active member of several charities and his acts indicate that he feels his heart for the young kids who are underprivileged, and tries every possible way out to help them find their meals every single day.

Being in the real estate market, he has actually seen how homes can be brought down to ashes just because of money, and since it has been bread and butter for him and his family which consists of eight children and a loving wife, he couldn’t do much with it. So in order to compensate it, he makes sure he even starts building shelters for these people who for no reason lose their shelter. But one argument has never left the scenario amidst all these good deed. And the argument being, how these charities could actually demonstrate public benefits that they keep delivering?

There has been some pre-conceived notion persistent in the society. For the past four centuries, people have been under the notion, that all the organizations which are involved in religion, education and any kind of work relieving poverty from the heart of the society automatically qualifies as charitable organization. But that is not how it stands any more. All these organizations now have to show how the public are being benefited and whether the donors find any kind of tax exemption or not.

However Selim Zherka never considers that any kind of legal restriction can stop the good deed in the society. There will be people who will still think about the greater community where there’s the existence of only humanity, and no other religion or caste. In the world of consumerism, mankind has completely forgotten how to live for others, and these charitable organizations give these men the second chance to show their humanity and work for the fellow mates.

There must not be any doubt while working for charities as it is the only way one can give back to the community from which they have been taking so long. No publicity stunt, nothing to show off- it is the heart to heart connection that allows man to help another.

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