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Premise Liability Attorney

It is the responsibility of the landlords/owners/lease holders to provide reasonably safe conditions for the visitors according to the Premises Liability Law.   They can be held financially accountable for the accidents and injuries that had happened to anyone on their premises.   However, not all accidents result in a valid injury claim. 

Property owners should regularly inspect their building/property to ensure if it is safe for a visitor.   If there is a fault in premise safety, proper arrangements should be taken before it is open for the visitor entry.   For example, a simple “wet floor” sign boards would do just fine if the floor is slippery. 
Talking about the slippery floor, slip and fall accident is not insignificant as one may think.   It can contribute some primary injuries like a broken bone, spinal cord injuries and unfortunately, medical bills are not cheap in the US.   Additionally, the loss of wage, inability to work as before and disabilities are the secondary injuries, which might last longer or can remain permanent.   No remedy can undo the physical pain of the victims, but it is terrible if they have to bear the financial losses for the negligence of others.   

There will never be an automatic remedy that can take care of the losses.   Therefore victim should see a Premise Liability Attorney is such a case.   An attorney’s knowledge in premises liability law and experience can get him all the compensation that he owes. 

Other types of Premises Injury are – Dog bites, falling from broken stairs, swimming pool accidents, being mugged due to lack of security etc. 

Determining Liability

Determining the liability in an accident is the most important factor.   Invitee and Licensee are entitled to claim but Trespassers are not.   Attractive Nuisance is one factor that can tempt a child to come over and met an accident, such as pool.   That also comes within the orbit or premises liability.   

What are the benefits of hiring a specialized Premise Liability Attorney?

Clients usually do not know the value of such cases, so they do not know what to ask for.   The negligence party and the Insurance companies would not help the victims through this, will they? Then, there is always a risk of tempering the statements during admissions.   The client may end up having very little or no compensation at all.   A specialized Premise Liability Attorney will guide and help to get every penny that has been spent and will be incurred in future because of the accident. 
If a person is unemployed, that does not mean he will not be entitled to the recovery of wage loss, only an attorney can help such clients through the formulation of legal theories. 

When to Contact a Premise Liability Attorney

Evidence of accident tends to disappear real quickly; CCTV footage may get taped over, witnesses may forget the incident.   So, it is always useful to contact a Premises Liability Attorney as soon as possible.   They need to start investigation and evidence collection when it is still possible.   It is also recommended that client gets their medical treatment in time.   The longer they wait it will be harder to prove, what caused the accident. 

Lawyers spent years in law school before they take your case to the court, simply browsing through some legal site cannot make your understanding equivalent to a lawyer.   Remember, hiring an attorney can add chances of you winning your case.

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