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Steroid Usage and Its Potential Risks

Steroids are used by athletes, body builders and fitness enthusiasts to get the body they want to achieve. Normal nutrition can give them that yet it will take a lot of time which mostly people lack. Steroids also speed up recovery which is highly beneficial for performers. It helps in enhancing endurance and performance quality of an individual and is hence banned in practice by the International Sports Organization. It is because it gives the user an undue advantage over its competitors. There are many side effects of steroids over the body as well other than the positive effect it has.

The types

There are negative sides of steroid usage and 50% to 70% of steroid users are well aware of it beforehand. There have been misuse, overuse and abuse of the steroids which are quite common namely types of corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. The former type is manufactured in adrenal glands, specifically adrenal cortex and the latter is synthetically created.

The corticosteroids is recommended to treat medical conditions like asthma, allergies and arthritis if taken in right amount in oral, topical or injectable forms. The anabolic steroids are used to treat sex hormone disorders, delayed puberty, muscle wasting causing muscle decline. It is a performance enhancing drug which increases muscle size, strength, physical endurance, stamina etc.

Safe usage not completely safe

It is argued by many that taking the right dosage can have no side effects on the body but the National Institute on Drug Abuse has other points in mind. Once allowed the athletes take 10 to 100 times more drugs to improve their performance and that contributes to dangerous health risks dealing with physical and mental problems. The concept of “roid rage” is true stating that even short term misuse can cause psychological changes.

The problems include irritability, aggression, and burst of violence, anxiety, depression and paranoia. Not everyone faces the same effects. It depends on the impact on body organs, system functions, activities etc. There are minor and major severities on the user depending on the body constituency and more.

Improper steroid use

It is obvious that when safe usage can result in trouble improper use is more dangerous for the body and mind. The range of side effects in this case is alarming. The most commonly visible side effects are severe acne, fluid retention, increased or decreased body hair or hair in general, headaches, hypertension, increased cholesterol etc. They can also contribute to plaque buildup in artery walls, decreased blood flow resulting in more chances of cardiac arrests and stroke.

The concluding element

It is mostly advised that people concentrate on natural means to build their body or increase performance quality. If it is necessary to take steroids reasonability should be maintained to avoid chances of greater risks. A doctor can best guide to safer alternatives. Every person has different conditions of body and hence there is certainly no general rule to any drug in the market.

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