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Clense your excess fats

You’ve been to the gym almost every day to work out and lose those flabs but to no avail. It seems that losing excess fat is much harder than getting them. You’re on a search for something to add to your cycle to help burn those excess all-you-can-eat buffet fats you gained.

Most people try things such as slimming teas and dietary supplements and you have tried them too; it’s just that they’re not cutting it. You want to try anabolic steroids but are hesitant since you have no history or experience in using it.

Good thing there’s a safer alternative that provides assistance to weight loss (take note, assistance), Clenbuterol. The good people at ClenCycle compiled a few things about it to help you get started.

The overview

Clenbuterol is used as a treatment for people with chronic asthma, (good thing if you’re an asthmatic that goes to the gym, two birds with one stone!) although it is more commonly used in fat reduction programs almost everywhere. Best part is it is not an anabolic steroid!

In the fat burning aspect, it works as a thermogenic, meaning it tends to produce heat by increasing the temperature of your body, which in turn enhances your metabolism which ultimately leads you to being able to burn excess calories at an enhanced rate.

It is suggested that Clenbuterol be used in the middle of your program or cycle. It will not help you lose fat when you’re just sitting there in front of your computer screen or TV, get up and go to the gym or go for a run or something.

The best time to actually use Clen is when you are fairly leaner in a last ditching effort to get rid of those pesky flabs than seem to hang on for dear life no matter how hard you exercise. Proper dieting is also a big help, go get yourself a meal plan, a healthy meal plan. If you still have copious amounts of body fat to shed, it is best to save using Clen for later when you are a bit leaner.

The downsides

Although it is not an anabolic steroid, there will be some side effects experienced from time to time and as always it will depend from one person to another. One of the most common side effects experienced is having a sort of jittery feeling, wobbly hands and an increase in sweating.

These are relatively minor but pesky side effects. Some might experience headaches and nausea but these aren’t as common as so with muscle cramps and insomnia. Again, relatively not dangerous but still so annoying.

Excessive use larger than the recommended dose and usage longer than prescribed though can certainly cause more dangerous side effects such as high blood pressure, experiencing irregular heartbeats, trembling and panic (sounds like you had a bit of a stronger cup of coffee today). Some studies also show that excessive abuse can lead to cardiac hypertrophy which can prove fatal in some cases.

Everything you need to know if you want to start using Clen is given in the link. There are various topics available that suit your curiosity. It is always helpful and important to read up before taking something new.

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