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Sisal Rugs Are Fit For All Interiors

A sisal rug is natural, environment-friendly and biodegradable flooring cover. They are versatile, sound absorbing, long lasting, and fire and water resistant with insulation properties. Also, sisal rugs are less expensive, resilient and stain resistant as compared to other traditional rugs. Moreover, sisal rugs don’t demand much care and maintenance.

Sisal is obtained from the cactus plant which grows in a humid climate. The sisal fibers are then soaked in water before they get dry under Sun or just air. It is important that the sisal fiber dries correctly; the content of moisture depends on a lot in case of sisal. The long woven fibers of sisal are much stronger than that of jute, coir, hemp and flax. Sisal can be used to produce many other products apart from rugs such as rope, dart boards, paper, handicrafts, etc. All theses sisal products are used by people across the world for many years.

China, Brazil, Mexico, Tanzania, the Caribbean, and Kenya are the leading exporters of the sisal. In the case of Floorspace sisal rugs, sisal is not individually used all the time. It is mixed with wool or acrylic to make it softer. Sisal is becoming one of the most preferred fibers for rugs amongst interior designers for home as well as offices.

Sisal possesses some unique characteristics apart from the fact that it is made from a cactus plant. Unlike any other fiber, it can expand or contract itself according to the weather condition. It has anti-static properties and it doesn’t allow any dirt or dust particles to stay on the rugs. You will find sisal in many colors. It can be dyed in color from bold to light, neutral or natural. Sisal can take any amount of pressure and therefore you can lay it down in heavy foot area without giving any second thoughts.

Whether you use it in a living room or bedroom, it will only enhance its beauty. It's fashionable style and dynamic properties will bring any place to life. Therefore, you can lay it anywhere from the dining hall to conference hall. They are available in many textures and designs. You can always choose a hand woven rug with 100% natural fiber with stylish weavers and latex backing. You can choose from natural color rugs, or go for bleached or dyed sisal flooring as per your choice and requirement.

Floor Space will provide you with such sisal and other rugs made from other fibers. They will be natural and beautiful floor coverings with vivid designs, vibrant colors, and unique textures. You will find a wide variety on display, online, and in case you do not find the rug of your choice then you have the option of creating it too. In ‘create your own rug’ section you can select the material, color, texture, pattern, border style and color, dimensions, and once your design is ready, the price will be given then and there and soon the rug will be at your doorstep.

If you wish to leave a heavy visual impact, bring new life and vibrant personality to the place, the modern eco-friendly sisal rugs are the right choice.

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