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The key pointers to downloading whatsapp messenger

The popularity of whatsapp can be gauged by the user base which is increasing by the hour. Whatsapp is now owned by Facebook which is another popular social network. The other user interfaces which have come up after the advent of whatsapp are not as popular because of the features that whatsapp is unbeatable about. The best part which nobody has done is providing it for free.

Now who wouldn’t like that? Though we always whine about some of the other thing, whatsapp is still the best and nobody who has opened the account has not left, that just shows how habituated we have become to it and now it has become a indispensable part of our lives. You can whatsapp download.

Why it is popular
  1. It was the first to bring about such revolutionary change in sending messages across where the normal SMS would cost per word and here you could type any amount of text all for free, that really blew the user’s mind.
  2. Skype mainly used by the PCs for video calling but now whatsapp just broke that myth and you could do this on your smartphone to any person in any corner of the earth, that too free of cost.
  3. It should be noted youngsters were more into messaging no they really got hooked onto whatsapp as they could do this without have to shell out anything and continue their chats.
  4. Initially whatsapp was for only texting but but when other features such as calling, sending pictures, images, videos etc can be done effortlessly.
  5. The best part is that it could connect with usernames by identifying the call numbers and automatically save it for you. It also synchronises with the contact list on your phone so you don’t have re-enter all your contacts on this app.
  6. It can work on so many devices unlike earlier and various installing methods are mentioned for your respective devices so you too can enjoy whatsapp messenger. Click here for a whatsapp download.
How to install whatsapp

There are specified methods for each kind of devices by going to their respective links for downloading whatsapp messenger. Or to the App Store where you could select the green icon with a phone image and install it right away. The downloading is absolutely free but for some data connection charges may apply. If you have wifi, you will having a ball of a time because calling, texting, sending files across is just a piece of cake and you don’t have to spend a penny for all this. Isn’t it amazing?

Security of whatsapp

You need to crack your head as whatsapp has default security system in place, all your calls, chats, images, pictures are all secure and will not fall into wrong hands. Whatsapp has end to end encryption which will guarantee that your security is not compromised in any condition and you will not have the fear at the back of the mind whenever you are sending any image or file across to someone.

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