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The Necessity of Law Enforcement in Society and Finding the Real Value of It

Ask any parents about their dream involving the children, and you will find some stereotypical answers where they cannot think beyond professions like doctors, engineering, managers and such stuff. How often do you find an assertive answer when you ask the young generation about them taking up the job of a policeman? Peter Howe Michigan remarks, not often. With the wage getting lower and lower for the policemen including the employees of the public safety department, people at large do not consider it to be a safe profession anymore.

After carrying out series of research and thorough analysis, Peter Howe Michigan has found out that in order to cut down the budget and all the expenses of carrying out administrative and legal works, the governments have actually slashed out all kinds of wage structure, and the overtime policies that existed. But what they have missed out is the long term consequences which might have a deep impact on the regulatory bodies of the society.

After understanding these critical conditions, there is one question that has popped up in several communities and that too with serious concern. Is police needed in the society at all, and if the answer to this question is assertive, then what exactly is the worth of law enforcement in the society. If the members of the community who want to live a secured life believe that they need someone highly educated, trained and professionally expert personnel to take care of the law and ensure safety and security to them, they should also be aware of the fact that such an expectation would not come for free and there will be certain expenses which they have to meet.

It is true that America has got the concept of policing in their society relatively new, but policing indeed has got a history of one hundred and fifty years old. Society can never deny the crucial role that law enforcement bodies have played for years, and have allowed streamlined operation and peaceful sustenance of varied communities together. So where there is law, there has to be the law keeper- the armed police force.

Going by the schedules that these law enforcement officials have daily, it is indeed true that it can be both physically and mentally draining for them and that too at a stretch. So while you would demand some quality service, it cannot come for free. The better and brighter personnel you demand, higher the wage that you need to pay. After series of reports and studies, it has been seen that societies across the world have always demanded better and qualified law enforcement bodies, and with time this demand has only gone higher.

Human civilization has been the witness of one common fact- the maker of law, the breaker of law and the preserver of law. All three of these live in complete harmony because the absence of any of these would bring the existence of the other at stake. The demand might be high or low, but the very presence of either one of them is what maintains the balance.

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