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The Spiritual Significance Of Birds!

From time immemorial, birds have been able to fascinate human beings with their ability to fly up in the sky. This sight never fails to motivate many individuals to rise above their present circumstances and learn more about a world beyond the planet they live on, which is the heavens. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group, an international spiritual community, say that birds have always been prevalentin many ancient scriptures. They tell stories of how these winged creatures would appearing before people as spiritual beings to deliver certain messages from the Almighty. Such communications would tell them to do certain important tasks for benefit of mankind.

Connection between birds and spirituality

These spiritual followers go on to explain that in a number of cultures, people consider birds to be a link between heavens and the planet human beings inhabit. Even today, indigenous individuals living parts of the Arabian Peninsula and Asia consider birds to be symbols represent immortality. On other hand, in Indian mythology, certain birds like eagles would depict departed souls on their journey towards the heavens. In the same manner, people of other regions of the world would regard these winged creatures to symbolize specific virtues. These include courage, power, revival, peace, freedom, fertility, resurrection and physical strength.

Birds as angels

They also clarify that throughout history especially during the medieval times, people in various part of the world would regard birds as manifestations of God’s angels. They would associate the wings of such creatures as spiritual blessing that the Almighty would take care of his children and guide them away from evil. In the Christian faith, for instance, people regard an eagle’s ability to fly into the horizon towards the sun’s light as the embodiment of God’s son, Jesus Christ. To them this winged creature represents faith, valor and introspection. This is the reason most lecterns found in churches are in the shape of a winged eagle to stress on such virtues. 

In East Asian cultures, people consider cranes to be symbols of good health, prosperity, joy, knowledge and luck. In Chinese mythology, the Gods choose these birds to fly them to the ‘Isle of the Immortals’. Even sorcerers would use the eggs of these birds to create magical portions that would ensure the drinker an eternal life. However, people of the Christian faith regard these winged creatures as enemies of devil because of their ability to kill serpents. The long migratory journey these birds would take during the winter would symbolize endurance. Again, the return of these birds during the spring would represent resurrection.

Even today, people living in many parts of the world believe God sends them spiritual messages when they encounter birds in their daily life. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group say these individuals interpret such communication to mean the Almighty is guiding them in the journey of life. They may have certain traits which they are not using to attain their full potential or they must discharge certain negative thoughts that are an obstacle to their progress. 

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