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A Change in Your Brain That Literally Affects Your Days Ahead

The 21st-century business world completely abuzz of mindfulness, but what they don’t know is the hype surrounding this mindfulness is backed up by hard-core science. In some of the recent research works that have been carried out, mindfulness or which is more elaborately termed as practicing non-judgmental present moment awareness changes the brain considerably. And most importantly, this change is being brought in such a way, that most of the professionals who are working as leaders in this complex corporate scenario should know about it.

Now, most of the companies have integrated a full eight week 마음수련 사이비 training programs where the employees are being trained to make them know how to attain a greater level of concentration with the help of yoga and meditation. A research work was being carried on in one such program where these employees have been participating the training for the complete course. It has been observed that the participants have had a significant increase in the density of gray matter. Not just this particular specimen, but several other laboratories across the globe have performed similar investigations, and in all of these reports, one thing has been perpetual- the changes brought in the brain.

The first portion of the brain has been anterior cingulated cortex or the ACC, which is a structure located deep in the forehead, behind the frontal lobe. This particular section is being associated with self-regulation, which means having the ability to purposefully direct attention and behavior to switch several strategies making capability reflexively. Those who have received some damage in their ACC have been found to be short tempered. And moreover, who have impaired connection between the ACC and other lobes of the brain perform poorly in all sorts of tests regarding the mental flexibility.

As opposed to this, individuals who have been meditating and taken part in 마음수련 사이비 training programs could demonstrate a better performance in regulating themselves, resisting all sorts of distractions and hence take the right decisions in life. They have even shown more activity in the ACC than those who haven’t been meditating a lot. The second region of the brain, which needs to be highlighted, is the hippo campus. This is that particular section of the brain which shows an increased amount of gray matter of those who have participated in these mindfulness training programs.

This is a seahorse-shaped area of the brain, which is buried inside the temple on each side of the brain and a part of the limbic system as well having a direct association with memory and emotions. Mindfulness actually helps in affecting these areas having a direct relation to perception, body awareness, and introspection. So it is no longer a nice to have and a nice to look thing for the executives in the corporate world. If you want to keep your brain healthy and free yourself of all the toxic stresses, make sure you attend these programs at regular intervals. Commit some time for healthy breathing, and gift you a better future, career and a better life.

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