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Best drug to reduce weight

Clenbuterol, also called as clen is classified as a beta-2 agonist and usage of this steroid increases the blood pressure, levels of heart rate, perspiration and temperature of one’s body. The chemical name of this Clenbuterol steroid is 4-Amino-alpha-[(tert-butylamino) methyl]-3, 5-dichlorobenzyl alcohol Monohydrochloride.

This clen drug is available in many forms that include syrups, capsules, tablets, pumps, and injections. This steroid can be bought online, with or without any medical prescription. Though Clenbuterol is available online, Clenbuterol is not an approved medication by the FDA for human use and it is only used for the animals suffering from respiratory conditions due to a number of reasons.

After taking Clenbuterol steroid, it is readily absorbed by the body and remains in the body for 25 hours to 40 hours period. This is when the actual reaction beings to take place those results in the outcome that you see. The positive effects of Clen are prolonged because of its long life.

After oral administration of the drug, it is quickly absorbed in less than 15 minutes to 20 minutes with a bioavailability of 83 percent. Generally, this Clenbuterol steroid is metabolized in the part of liver and then it is primarily excreted in the urine. Very small percentage of this drug that is less than five percent is excreted in the feces. The higher concentration of this drug would be present in lung, liver, and left ventricles.

Clenbuterol is not an approved medication and is not a legal steroid for human use. It is banned for human use in many countries and used only to treat animals. Clen is one of the best drugs for cutting cycle to increase metabolism rate of the body by increasing temperature that in turn burns calories and reduced weight. Many celebrities named it as a wonder slimming drug that helped them achieve size zero figure. This steroid dramatically reduces abdominal and visceral fat, and stands as one of the best choices for cutting cycles.

Clenbuterol steroid is more popular among women as usage of this drug is not associated with any androgenic side effects such as facial hair, thickening of the skin and deepening of the voice. Clen dosage for men usually ranges from 60 mcg to 140 mcg per day. For female athletes the dosage of clenbuterol only cycle ranges from 40 mcg to 120 mcg per day. Clenbuterol steroid is generally used in a two days on and two day off or else 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off cycle.

Clenbuterol occupies a great place in sports medicine as this steroid is mainly used to shed body fat and weight while enhancing muscle mass and body strength. This steroid is also used by athletes who are diagnosed with EIPH (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage). Clen steroid is used alone in clen only cycle, mostly by athletes. It can also be stacked with anabolic androgenic steroids or with any performance enhancing drugs for reducing the body fat and for improving the growth of skeletal muscle. It is mostly believed that Clenbuterol steroid has the ability to enhance muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis.

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