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Brief reference on levaquin

A word Levaquin is currently known as Levofloxacin. It is sold under the trade name only. It is an antibiotic and used to treat a number of bacterial infections including bacterial sinusitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and some types of gastroenteritis. In addition to that compared with other antibiotics it can be used to treat diseases like tuberculosis, pelvic inflammatory disease etc. Moreover levaquin considered dangerous as it may result in common and most harmful side effects eventually.
Let us know why are Levaquin lawsuits being filed? 

Is Levaquin considered dangerous? Consider the patients who are affected for simple illnesses such as sinus or urinary tract infections and they later on suffered from irreversible nerve damage patients who took this medication or other quinolones. This effect results in a drastic change that significantly compromised the quality of their lives. Depending upon their encountered claims, Bayer, Merck and the other manufacturers are failed to warn patients and doctors of the unreasonable risks as they have been exposed to.

Moreover attorneys raise an allegation that the drug makers provided weak and unclear explanations about the described dangers which is present inside the medications’ labels. Accordingly some of the litigations are filed in court and also accuses the defendants of breaching their duty by marketing, promoting and distributing unsafe drugs which are not tested appropriately in terms of safety. Before going to produce this medication in market, manufacturers had done overdosing experiments in animals that showed loss of body control and drooping, difficulty in breathing, tremors and convulsions. .

Hence in the event of an over dosage, authorities recommended some unspecific procedures such as emptying the stomach, thereby observing the patient and by maintaining appropriate hydration. It is not efficiently removed by peritoneal dialysis.

In fact prescribing information, it is pregnancy category C according to FDA reports. This indicates that animal reproduction studies stated that they have shown adverse effects on the fetus. So there will be no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans. The only potential benefit to the mother in some cases may outweigh the risk to the fetus.  Due to the presence of potential risks to the baby, this medication is not recommended to nursing mothers.

Side effects

Some of the common side effects that include nausea, diarrhea and trouble in sleeping like insomnia. Besides that some harmful side effects includes such as tendon ruptures, tendon inflammation, seizures, psychosis and potentially permanent peripheral nerve damage. This kind of tendon damages may have a chance to appear in months after treatment is completed. While during pregnancy, this medication is not recommended even the risk appears to be low. Correspondingly there is no clarity in the safety of this medicine.

Actually it is a broad-spectrum antibiotic drug in the fluoroquinolones class. But there is a risk of a widespread development of drug-resistant microbes. Although this medicine is proved to be potent and effective drug, this antibiotic is frequently prescribed for a multitude of less threatening conditions even the presence of other alternatives.

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