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Conversation Over Coffee- Coffee Machines For Hire

If you are planning a big event such as exhibition, trade show, conference or any other event and want to make it memorable by providing the best beverage to your potential customers and existing clients, it is better to hire top of the range coffee machines for the event.

There are many agencies offering coffee machines for exhibitions and other events on rent. Along with the machines, the agencies also provide well trained baristas to provide delicious coffee to the clients throughout the day or evening.

What all are offered?

The agencies offering coffee machines for exhibitions have a wide collection of branding options available for the customers. The coffee cups can even be branded with your own logo for making a good impression on the clients.

The number of baristas and the coffee bars is determined according to the number of people to be served and the time frame of the exhibition. The amount of space available for setting up the coffee bars is also an important factor. The companies offer packages to the customers at different rates. Some examples have been mentioned here.

  • 100 drinks served in a time duration of 2.5 hours for about 50-75 guests in an indoor exhibition. In case of an outdoor event, the number of drinks served can be increased to 200 for about 100-150 guests with the service lasting 3.5 hours.
  • 3-12 hour service for 50-500 guests with 200-1500 cups of coffee.
  • 8 hour service with 1, 2 or 3 barista serving more than 400 cups of coffee.
The coffee machines can be mounted on the counters provided by you or by the agency. Free standing mobile espresso bars which can be taken to any place where power supply is available are also offered to the customers. Mobile coffee vans also feature among the services of many agencies.

Types of coffee

Gourmet coffees offered to the guests include whole milk, semi-skimmed and soy milk options. Filter coffee is also available on request. Many other types of milk are also available on request. The professional baristas manning the coffee equipments ensure that the drinks look and taste amazing. The agencies usually bring their own water supply so that you do not have to arrange for a proper water supply for the machines. The water used in the coffee equipments are specially filtered in order to ensure that the water has an optimum level of purity and carbonate hardness which are required for making delicious cups of high quality coffee. You can use your own preferred brand of coffee or task the agency in bringing a suitable brand of coffee as per their choice.

The agencies

A search of the internet reveals the websites of many agencies offering coffee equipments at different rates and packages. The types of coffee equipments also vary from one agency to another.

There is nothing like a cup of gourmet coffee to break the ice between you and the delegates and prospective buyers who visit your exhibition. The aroma and the queue of people at the coffee bars attract more people and provide more chances of productive conversations. Thus, hiring coffee machines for exhibitions can be called a good investment.

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