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The History of Car Dealerships in the U.S

Car Dealership- What is it?

Car Dealership is a local vehicle distributer. In simpler terms a car dealership is basically that business in which selling of used as well as new cars are involved. The selling of cars as well as a vehicle part at times happens on a retail level and the deal is carried out on the basis of either the sales subsidiary or the dealership contract with that of the automaker. In Houston, the car dealership business industry is excessively popular and Hyundai Houston Dealer is one of the favorites in town. The business constitutes of sales persons who would formulate the sales of the automotive vehicles. The Hyundai Houston Dealer is however dubbed as one of the 5 star premium dealers in Houston.

Some car dealerships also have segregation where they dedicatedly provide post sale services for cars. It is here where the business puts to work experienced automobile engineers who are responsible to process all warranty claims by selling and stocking spare parts of the car.

A Bit of History- The Inception of this Business

In the U.S the very first car dealership business was propagated by William E. Metzger in the year 1898. Earlier to that the cars were sold mostly directly to the end customers by the automakers themselves. However, looking at the present scenario this kind of direct sales either through departmental stores, mail orders or even traveling representatives is no longer applicable in most states including Houston.  But, even if direct sales still apply, it so does in a limited amount because as per the current franchise laws in U.S a new car can only be sold via independent car dealership owners on proper and certified license.

A single car dealership cannot or more precisely is not permitted to sell cars of a variety of company or brands. They can hold the franchise of sell cars of a specific company alone and also do the servicing of the cars belonging to the same company. Hyundai Houston Dealer is one such famed dealership company. Pertaining to the newly furbished franchise rules in the U.S, most of the automobile manufacturing companies have shifted their selling strategy to both branding and technology via their franchised retailers. So is the case with Hyundai. The state of Texas, most importantly the city of Houston has  ample of car dealership businesses which offers convenience in buying new as well as used second hand cars and equal satisfaction both in purchase process as well as post purchase services.

Car Dealership Franchises in Texas

The car franchise business has taken Texas by storm and to be more specific Houston offers the most prospects in this business field. So, if you are looking forward to buy a franchise, the suggestion would be not to look beyond Texas. The best possible reason to open a car dealership business here is low tax rates in business. Apart from that there is also the factor of low housing costs. The Economic growth of Texas has been commendable over the years and such businesses are just adding to it. 

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