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What To Look For In An Aged Care Facility?

Aged care facilities are an actuality of this age that needs to be considered realistically and practically. You, as children, might have the best intentions in mind for your parents, but circumstances might force you to send your aged elderly to care facilities. Or you, as parents or a single widowed parent, might feel that it is time for you to move to a facility that is best suited to your needs as an elder, aging citizen. Whatever the reason or circumstances might be for you to choose a care facility for the aged, there are certain things that you must keep in mind while choosing one.

There are a number of care facilities each offering various amenities. It can get quite taxing to make a choice as to which facility is most appropriate from the several operating. You can visit the well-known facilities to see them in person, like aged care services Kew,and then take a call. You must have a checklist ready mentally to ensure that most of those features are present in the places you are visiting or shortlisting.

Features to look for in an aged care facility

       The building structure

One of the primary things you can notice while visiting is to check out the structure of the building that houses the facility. Look for whether the structure is well maintained, clean, easy-to-access and navigate through. Check for cleanliness as well as ample space to move around in rooms and communal areas. Rooms or locations on upper floors must have lifts or ramps for the aged to reach there. Also, the parking and facility for the visitors must be checked.

       The caregivers

The most important factor to consider in the aged facility is the caregiver who will look after the residents. These people are responsible for physical as well as mental and emotional well-being of the residents. A few qualities about these caregivers can be judged while meeting them or seeing them interacting with other residents. Are they approachable and pleasant to talk to, do they make the residents and visitors feel comfortable, are they strictly professional or do they interact on a personal level with the residents and get to know them better are some of the things to consider. It is also important to check whether the caregivers are appropriately qualified to attend to specific needs of the elder citizens and can be of assistance in emergency situations.

       The rooms and facilities

The rooms are the place where either you or your loved ones will spend the maximum amount of time in, so they should be taken into account and examined minutely. Are the rooms clean and inviting enough, and have a homely feeling, unlike the rooms of a hospital? There should be options for those who wish to either share a room or live privately. Storage facilities and other basic amenities in the room and the adjoining bathrooms must be checked.

Apart from the rooms other facilities must be considered, such as ample walking space and large corridors, common communal rooms with several entertainment and recreational options, outdoor spaces for the residents to move about in and transportation facilities. Even check for facilities such as medical assistance, physiotherapy, dental services, laundry, beauty and hairdressing services, meals and how they are cooked.

       Fellow residents

Interact with fellow residents to gauge their friendliness and also inquire whether they are happy staying in the facility and what is their overall experience. 

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