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Guide To Help You Choose A Rug Wisely

Carpet is considered to be an indispensible part of home decor. A home is incomplete without a good rug on the floor; it is also the least expensive part of flooring. Carpets or floor rugs whatever one might call them are made of different materials; they come in different designs, sizes and colours. India is known for its carpet industry; there are hand woven carpets that reflect the Indian tradition and there are Persian carpets that are quite expensive and give a luxurious feel. These days the option of floor rugs online is also available; there are a number of online sites that sell carpets made by weavers from all over the world. Some have traditional madhubani painting and some have the modern art or just plain lines made on them.

Tips for carpet shopping

There are a few tips which you can consider while buying carpets and rugs online India.

       Size of the area- Choose a rug or carpet according to the size of the area where you want to place the rug; measure the area before looking for a rug online. There are measurements of the rugs given online on various shopping sites so you can choose one by keeping in mind those measurements.
       Modern rugs or traditional ones- According to your home decor choose the right rug for your house. If the interior of your house is quite traditional then go for a carpet that has an Indian touch and if your house has modern interiors then choose a modern rug with abstract designs for your living room. Interior of the house is quite important in choosing the right rug for your house.
       Colour of the walls- Colour of the walls help in determining the colour of the carpet; never put the carpet of the same colour as your wall. If the colour of the wall is red then go for a black colour carpet or a light beige colour carpet for your room.
       The budget- Before buying a rug fix the budget that you want to spend on buying the carpet. This prevents one from overspending. Stick to your budget and choose the rug accordingly.
       Study the market -Compare the prices on various shopping sites before zeroing down to one. This is necessary so that you don’t over spend on a carpet.
       Cleanliness process- Choose a carpet only after knowing about the time that would be invested in cleaning and maintaining the carpet. Go for high ended carpets only if you are ready to invest that much of time on cleaning the rug regularly. High ended luxurious rugs need a lot of time and investment.

Usually people prefer buying tribal carpets and the hand woven ones are the ones that are preferred the most; while some high society people prefer buying the Persian ones. Carpets are known to give a luxurious and a sophisticated feel to a house; they are comfortable and also safe for kids to play on them

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