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Popular Prime ministers of Singapore

Singapore has witnessed many great Prime ministers who have changed the country to a great extent using their skill, talent, and knowledge. That is the reason why Singapore today is considered as one of the most developed countries of the world. Currently, the GDP rate of Singapore as per 2016 census is touching 6.85% and annual growth rate is 1.8%.

Today people all around the world dreamt of visiting Singapore to watch the beauty of the city and to experience the luxury of the state. Behind this rapid development of the country, the main architects are the honourable prime ministers of the country who had created such a dream country to explore on.
So let's see the popular works of each great prime minister of Singapore. If there arises any problem then any citizen of the country can email to the prime minister of Singapore email address to get the solution of his or her problem.

Lee Kuan Yew:- 

He was the first Prime minister of Singapore whose tenure in the office last for 25 years. He was selected as the prime minister of Singapore in the year 1965 and his tenure ends in the year 1990. He is also the youngest prime minister who was elected in the office. He was elected as the prime minister of Singapore at a very young age of 35 years. In a very small span of time, he had made an extravagant expansion of economy of Singapore which resulted in the conversion of Singapore to be a first world country.  He had also introduced the policy of stop at two to control the population explosion in the country.

Goh Chok Tong:- 

He was the second Prime minister of Singapore whose contribution is also very much decisive in structuring the economy of the country. He presided over the office for a tenure of 13 years that is from 1990 to 2004.Under his leadership; he has introduced various policy and policy institution to upgrade the structure of constitution and the regulatory framework of the country. No constituency members of the parliament, Medisave, Group representation constituency, Vehicle Quota scheme are one of the eminent works of this person. So to redress any grievances prime minister of Singapore email address can be used by the citizen of the country to get the solution of their problems.

Lee Hsien Loong:- 

He is the third and the current prime minister of Singapore who has presided over the office for the tenure of 13 years from the year 2004 till date today. He has introduced five-day working week for all the civil servants in Singapore with the hope of increasing the birth rate. One of the most important achievements of him was to build two integrated resorts in Singapore.

The expectation of every people of the nation depends on their leader. So if the leader is good then the nation progresses at a faster rate that is the reason why even after receiving the independence after India Singapore has become the developed countries of the world today.

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