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Some very uncommon Karnataka recipes!

The cuisine of Karnataka has a big contribution in the percentage of Indian cuisine. This cuisine contains many dishes and desserts and now, some of the most delicious dishes of this cuisine are served all over the India. Some typical dishes are BisiBele bath, Ragi roti, and Idli-VadaSambhar.

The most loved Karnataka dishes are:-

·         IdliSāmbhar: Idli is the most popular south Indian dish eaten widely in India. The light food keeps you healthy and fit with an amazing taste. It is served with a curry called Sāmbhar and ghee can be drizzled on top. The Sāmbhar is full of spice and flavours and contains vegetables like tomato and onion.
·         PuriSagu: Puri refers to very thin bread fried in oil. It is eaten in breakfast and along with puri, a coconut curry or chutney is served called sagu. In South India, coconut is preferred for every dish.
·         Vada: The rich taste of this donut like shaped cuisine is so good. Having a crisp covering from outside and a soft filling of dal, rice, and spice. A vada is dipped in Sāmbhar so it absorbs some curry and gives a unique and hot taste.
·         HaluHolige: One of the easiest sweet dishes to cook. In this dish, the fried bread is dipped into milk. You can make this on any festival as it also does not need any extra ingredient.
·         SihiKadubu: It is a healthy sweet dish made from the rice flour covering and a sweet filling which is steamed. The dish is famous because it is made for the special purpose of Ganesh Chaturthi (an Indian festival). In India, it is believed that Lord Ganesh used to love Modak. So, now it’s a tradition and every home prepares this dish.
·         Karibevina Anna: Actually, this is the staple ingredient of Indian cuisine. This is made as a spice and can be added to any dish for a rich flavour. It includes lots of minerals and vitamins. There are the numbers of health benefits of this mixture. It is considered as the best hair care remedy as it can stop hair loss and can completely removes dandruff.
·         GasagasePyasa: it is one of the traditional dishes of India. It is prepared by grinding poppy seeds, mostly prepared on religious function or festival. It is believed it relaxes the mind and looks like kheer of north India. The dish can be made easily as well as quickly.
·         ChowChowBhat: Basically, the dish of the chowchow bath is a famous South Indian breakfast recipe, which is a mixture of two dishes named Upma(Khara bath) and Kesari bath. One is spicy and another one is sweet and both make a deadliest combo. This is one of the most loved dishes in South India.
·         Water Melon Rind Dosa: The dish sounds very awkward, but this is a very healthy dish and tastes very well. This dosa recipe is made up of the rind of a watermelon. A great dish to consume in summer as it cools your inner stomach. This dish does not only have a rich taste but also helps in improving the immune system of the body.

Search for the recipes anytime on the internet and get a full step to step instructions including chow chow bath recipe. Give a try to these unique dishes and enjoy.

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