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Top Attractions When Visiting Denver

Known as the "Mile High City" because of its elevation high up in the Rocky Mountains, and it is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. Whether you're in a popular growing suburb, the city proper, or the natural Rocky Mountain countryside surrounding the city, there's a lot to fall in love with when you're visiting the largest and most famous city in the state of Colorado. There are many great deals on RV rentals that can get you traveling in style to this gem of the Rockies in no time!

Make Sure to Check Out the Downtown

The heart of Denver is located in the downtown, and this is one that is built for individuals to really enjoy a wide array of activities and options. Denver does a great job of mixing the modern urban feel along with a Wild West feel. There are bookstores that are decades old, plenty of shops and stores, bars and restaurants, and more. Easily walkable and with plenty to see and do, this area of around 30 square blocks offers plenty for visitors to see again and again.

Listen for live music shows, find your own snap button shirt, and check out the food scene. You can enjoy the Downtown every single day and still have a different great experience exploring the Mile High City.

Catch Some Pro Sports

There are several options, and in this case it's all about the season! For many sports fans this means either a trip to Mile High Stadium to watch the NFL's Denver Broncos play or perhaps a trip to Coors Field to watch baseball's Rockies, but Denver is also home to the NBA's Denver Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche. In other words, there are all kinds of professional sports options there no matter what the season – it's all about the timing of your visit – and hey, easy parking for your RV rentals, if needed.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Even in the city, you are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and the abundant forests that thrive there. Mount Evans is an extremely popular area to visit that offers well defined hiking trails and plenty of majestic views from the top. The Lariat Loop Drive is for outstanding drivers with strong nerves and you will see some absolutely gorgeous scenery.

There are many great local parks, scenic overviews, and outdoor attractions that offer amazing photo opportunities in addition to a great place to simply enjoy the incredible views that are all around you.

Visit the Famous Aquarium or Botanic Gardens

Denver residents really appreciate the natural world (how can you not with all that mountain scenery around you?), and even within the city you can find attractions that are based around these ideals. Denver's Aquarium is an extremely impressive one, with over a million gallons of water and over 500 species of underwater animals. There are plenty of tropical fish, and even some coral set ups. This is interesting whether you are bringing small children or taking a look yourself.

Denver's Botanic Gardens are also remarkable, and have a strong reputation because of the number and quality of plant based displays there. The Japanese water garden is an incredible draw, and a major greenhouse in the center of the park means there is something worth viewing whenever you visit. Very much worth the modest entry fee.

Visit "The Source" for a Bite & a Beer

Imagine a gigantic 26,000 square foot warehouse that keeps the old school design and charm but whose interior focuses on farm to plate restaurants, food stands, and an organic based market and you quickly get a sense of what "The Source" is all about. Great place for food and drink, and shows another side of what Denver has to offer visitors and residents alike.

The full array of food based businesses are here from specialty bakers to microbrews. Take your time to see what the area has to offer and really explore the many different local brews, awesome organic food, and craftsmen who call The Source home and can provide plenty of incredible hand-made crafts that will just grab your attention.

If you're visiting Denver then you definitely want to make sure you stop in at "The Source."

Make Your Own Denver Experience

Whether you're a fan of fine food and brew, love to see nature in all its natural glory, or want to check out what makes a city truly unique, Denver has plenty to offer you as a visitor. This isn't a city you'll fully discover in one trip, so make sure to keep your eye open for all the deals on RV rentals because once you visit Denver once there's little doubt you will want to explore these top attractions, and others, again and again!

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