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6 Tips for Looking After Your Precious Artwork

If you have artwork that you’ve created yourself or purchased at an auction or store, looking after it is essential if you want it to last as long as possible and stay in great condition. While it takes some forward thinking and a little bit of effort, if you value your artwork it’s definitely worth it. Here are some of the ways you can look after it to the best of your ability.

1.       Put it in the right place
You should store artwork in temperatures which are overly warm or overly cold. For example, don’t place a large canvas right above your radiators or fireplace if you always have these on. This will mean that the temperature will become too hot and could start to warp the materials, permanently damaging the art. You shouldn’t put artwork in direct sunlight either, so you will have to look around your home and try to find a suitable place.

2.       Take care when moving it
If you’re planning of moving any expensive pieces of art from one place to another, it’s worth looking into professional art transport services that you can use. This will be costlier than simply putting it into your car and moving it yourself, but if you’ve paid a lot for it or if the items are very large, it’s always worth taking the extra precaution to prevent damage or mishaps.

3.       Check the art regularly
While it’s in your home and on display, check it every now and then just to make sure that no damage has occurred. If there is any damage, you can often get it repaired and prevent it getting worse early on, which means less cost and less damage in the long run to the artwork.

4.       Make sure it’s not being stretched or stressed
If it’s a picture or frame that you are hanging up, you will need to ensure that the hooks are strong enough and that the item doesn’t seem to be stretched or stressed while hanging on the wall. If the hook you have in place isn’t quite big enough, replace it with a sturdier and more solid one so that the frame can hang more comfortably and avoid getting damaged or falling off.

5.       Keep your artwork out of the kitchen or bathroom
It might be the area that most people sit in and socialise, but having expensive artwork hanging in your kitchen can be a recipe for disaster! Not only does the kitchen become warm when you’re cooking food and you have the oven on, but the smells and aromas from the food can cause some damage over time.

6.       Consider extra protection if you have children around
If you live with children or pets, consider giving your artwork some extra protection. This could be putting an extra glass protector over the front, or if it’s a canvas without any protection, you can get plastic film to cover it over. You should pay a professional to do this for you, since it can easily go wrong and not doing it right could damage the art.

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