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A guide to buying windows and doors for your home

Buying windows and doors for your home is one of the hardest tasks you will ever face. This is because windows and doors play a very critical role in the outward appearance of your house. Also, the windows and doors you choose must fit well in their places. This article will assist you to understand better how you can buy the perfect windows and doors for your home.

First, you must understand the type of frames you want

You can get glass doors and windows framed in three different types of frames. That is timber, aluminum, and steel. Also, it is possible to hybrid aluminum and timber frame, where the timber is used inside, and the aluminum covers are used outside.

Timber framing

Timber windows and doors require regular maintenances, and they need refinishing after a particular period. Doors and windows made out of timber create beautiful and natural coziness to a house, and if you prefer old traditional model in your house, you can choose to go for this option. The interesting thing about this option is that it's not limited to conventional homes, and you can easily get spectacular, expansive and modern timber framing for these windows and doors. These windows and doors can have simple, unique edges as well sliding tracks and can create that outdoor-indoor desire everyone desires.

Aluminum framing

Aluminum frames are used widely in both domestic and commercial buildings. Based on the size of your doors and windows, and your preferences, you can either choose a basic residential or commercial frame or the level between commercial and residential. Aluminum frames come in either anodized or powder-coated finishing. Every manufacturer has standard range for aluminum frames, but you can also get an extended range if you pay a premium. However, standard residential frames are basically the cheaper types of frames.

Steel frames

Steel frames are the perfect option for industrial settings. Frames made out of steel are thicker compared to aluminum or timber and are more expensive as well. These frames can be a superb choice if you want to have a different style in your house.

Second, window or door opening types

There are different types of door and window opening types. However, when choosing each type, it is important to consider the cost, security, screening and the impact on space. These types include:
·         Fixed glass – as it sounds, it is a glass which doesn't open, and it is a perfect choice in a setting where the view is prioritized over ventilation. 
·         Sliding – for aluminum frames, sliding doors and windows are the most cost-effective for all operable windows and door types.
·         Awning – these types of windows come out from bottom, using either winder system or friction will stay. The windows are a relatively weatherproof when opened during light rains with less wind as when the window is pushed outside, it forms a hood or a cover for opening of window.

Bottom line

Never choose a material which has been made to resemble another. You can choose to buy timber grained aluminum frames, which can be even powder-coated in a powder coat resembling timber. 

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