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Dativa: Your Data Pipeline Experts

A data pipeline is a software that gathers data from different sources and makes it available to use anytime. This is the integral part of the internal analytics as well as the product features. Big companies like Netflix or Spotify are building their own pipelines. Why shouldn't you right? Every Big company is building their own pipelines by using open source software. They are also using custom codes.

            Now, this approach is only applicable if you have the resources to build your own data pipeline. However, building one from scratch for your company will involve a lot of factors. The challenges that you and your team will face can be overwhelming where you need to devote as much time as possible just to make it work.

About Dativa

            Dativa is a consulting firm who provides data counseling as well as engineering services who wants to build and put data into action. When you are working on your data pipeline, there are instances that after all the hard work and time spent, it does not work. It can be with the missing files, or some data that are corrupt. That can be very frustrating. Again, you’ve spent time and money into nothing.

            This is why you need an expert when it comes to data pipeline. And with Dativa, their data engineers have developed tools to detect if there’s a rogue data once they receive it. They have a data validation python library that has methods to validate the file sizes, dates, counts, names, etc. Their data validation process uses a configuration dictionary to describe such data location and criteria which also determines its validity.

How to Contact Dativa

            If you need assistance with your data pipeline, all you have to do is get in touch with Dativa. You can visit their website and sign up online and one of their consultants will contact you as soon as possible. There’s another option where you can contact them at their office addresses:

       Dativa Inc 145 Marina Boulevard, San Rafael CA 94901
       Dativa Limited, Genie House, Burchetts Green Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6QS

Why Choose Dativa?

Data Strategy. Dativa can turn your ambitions into a good strategy. If you want to succeed, you need to work for it. This is why the top brands and technology companies are choosing them. Dativa will help you refine your wants into a roadmap. They will also work closely with you to identify what you want, what you already have in-house,  as well as what you need to have and how to start implementing your strategies.

Dativa Data Science. The data science that you own will give you an edge over your competitors. Dativa has already built models which are proven to support data attribution, ad sales, internal analytics and so much more.

Data Engineering. At Dativa, they know how to set up an environment that would be very attractive and get the right people to the right data at the best time. They have a team of experts on AWS as well as open source technologies who are able to help you build, maintain, as well as operate data pipelines.    

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