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Skills you need to Assess

The talent that a person has on the root of the information gained is the skill achieved. Skills enable human beings to carry out a chore successfully by the means of his knowledge and itis the diplomacy that is self-achieved to grip on the required situation. An individual’s strength and positive attitude towards handling a situation gives the brief picture about the individual itself. Skills are of various types and it can be either inherited or learnt during the entire life cycle which can be further developed for a performance growth. On developing such learnt and inherited skills, it helps the individual gain work efficiency and master it by best of his performance.
With the growth of technology, internet made every individuals life much easier. Talking about business, internet provides wide opportunities for a business growth within the network and it is termed to be as digital marketing which is in great demand these days. To expertise in digital marketing an individual must have the basic skill set to achieve their goals in their respective fields. The companies should always have a digital marketing skills assessment before they recruit any person. Skills can broadly be categorised into two types that are popularly known as the soft skills and procedural skills.

1.       Procedural skills:Procedural skills are more of the reasonable and functioning skills which are valuable for a fragmentary working process. Procedural skills are the abilities and knowledge that is required to implement a definite duty; it can be arithmetical operations or technical handling or something that requires programming knowledge. It mostly relates to profession and is on the source of the practices on the exact note. Few examples are :

§  Construction/ building
§  Image reading
§  Marketing
§  Teaching
§  Programming
§  Research and science
§  Operating a machine

2.       Soft skills: It is the interpersonal ability and behaviour that pictures a personality of a person’s interaction with one more. In anoccupational field, soft skills are supplementary,liable to be the job-related skills to keep up with the work environment with the personality of the individual. Examples are:

§  Flexibility
§  Charismatic skills
§  Motivation
§  Passion
§  Self-discipline
§  Public speaking
§  Determination
§  Critical thinking

As there is no direct mode of communication or interaction face to face in digital marketing, should that be a challenge for the business?

The answer is of course a big no as the interaction is made better via internet these days and an individual can communicate with a wide range of people than in a specific group which increases the chance of growth of the business and the learning as well. Assessing the skills of a candidate applying for a job online prior to his interview will help the companies to gain knowledge about that person’s set of skills and whether he will be suitable for kind of environment the company is providing. It will help them know better if a person will be able to perform his duties properly or not.

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