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The Best Live Bands of All Time

Live bands are an experience like nothing else.  Sure, you can crank volume up on your phone and rock out to some tunes, but nothing beats the thrill and exhilaration of seeing a band on stage.  While some bands put out great singles and others great records, they may not have the best chemistry and live playing abilities.  Some bands even record all their parts individually without even stepping foot in the studio together.  But when you see them rocking out on stage together and the crowd is pumped, you know you’re in for a show.  Check out some of the greatest live bands to grace the stage.
The Who

Live bands have a lot to owe to the who for creating some of the most iconic moves that rock bands still use to this day.  Smashing guitars?  The Who did it first.  Explosions on stage?  Once again, The Who.  Swinging the mic by its cord?  You guessed it, The Who.  Aside from them shattering conventions of the time and being revolutionary, The Who rocked the stage hard.  They played louder and harder than any band during their run

Pink Floyd

Live bands in the 70s and 80s could not compete with Pink Floyd for one huge reason, and it wasn’t their music.  One of the greatest parts of going to a live Pink Floyd concert were the visuals.  Various props and lighting techniques combined with original and immersive backdrops made every Pink Floyd concert an experience.  Concert goers were experiencing more than just the bands unique sounds, they were transported on a journey with the band.

Led Zeppelin

Live bands can sometimes have a bit of tension between the members and still put on a great show.  Case in point: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.  Though these two were constantly bickering behind the curtains, they shared a mutual love of music and never let their fans down at a show.  Led Zeppelin packed arenas with tens and hundreds of thousands of people and amazed them all with the grandiosity of their music.  Never very flashy, but the pure talent of this band made for a rockin’ good show every time.


Live bands can sometimes be enthralling not because of the band, but because of just one of the musicians.  This was very much the case for Queen.  Brian May is almost certainly regarded as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, though not for his stage presence.  When Queen was on the stage, the spotlight was usually on one man, vocalist Freddie Mercury.  His vocal performances were mind blowing and monumental.  Every song was him giving it all and crowds always ate it up.  Mercury was a natural showman and one best rock band front men of all time.

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