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Refuse to be Ordinary, Be extraordinary with the Correct Blend

Bodybuilders are admired by the society and followed millions of people around the world. Many youngsters want to follow the footsteps of these influential people so they up bodybuilding as a passion.

So, they go through a strict exercise regime along with a nutritious diet, but sometimes this it is not sufficient. Therefore, they take steroids to enhance the ability to form strong muscles that also boots the energy of people taking it efficiently. There are commonly used steroids, but for stronger results Clenbuterol drops or pills are used.

Melt the Fat with the Precise Dose

This steroid is well known for its fat eliminating effects that makes it favorite among bodybuilders who can use it successfully for losing weight without wasting the muscles. Therefore, it used by both men and women for the weight loss effects. Taking the right dose the key to success that will give people the desired body. Subsequently, the right dose will also eliminate the risks of side effects in the body. The right dose prescribe for a good result is summarized as
  • Men can take up to a dose of 40mcg per day in the beginning stage of taking this steroid.
  • The Maximum dose recommended for men is 140mcg per day that must never exceed.
  • The women need a much lesser dose to show effects on the body so 20mcg per day is the right amount.
  • The maximum dose for the women is 100mcg exceeding that is not advised due to adverse effects.
As steroids may show results that are both positive as well as negative, people need to monitor the changes in the body carefully to ensure negative effects are not happening in the body. As every person is different from another, the results the Clenbuterol has on the body is different. So, it is always safer to start at a dose that does not cause hostile effects.

Most people take the pills or liquid early in the morning or preferably before a workout to maximize the results. It is noted that taking the medicine in the later part of the day may cause sleeplessness, so take the steroid at the right time. This is available in the liquid form the dose of which is determined after testing it on the body as a definite dose is not prescribed. As exceeding the dose of steroids can cause side effects it is advised to take it sensibly to avoids issues like
  • Shaking/tremors of the body
  • Heart problems like cardiac hypertrophy
Be the Champion following Correct Method

Consequently, to avoid bad effects on the body experienced bodybuilders use the Clenbuterol in a two week on/off cycles, where the steroid is taken for two weeks then stop using it. Then the steroid is started again so this cycle is continued for a maximum of sixteen weeks to ensure good results. Some people who use it within the prescribed dose can experience side effects like
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety and Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Severe Headaches
  • Heart Palpitations
Therefore, it is important to keep a close check of the changes that occurs in the body so if any of the above symptoms persists, the users can stop the drug immediately. Sensible use of the steroid is important for a healthy body failure to adhere will cause severe bad effects.

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