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A smart way to make money- Real estate investment

As the bank interest rates are plummeting to their lowest levels in several years, it is time to look for alternative places to invest your money. Among several options available to you, one that is attracting the most attention in the investor community is the real estate. Investing in real estate is considered as more lucrative compared to investment in a stock market that is based on the vagaries of the market and human emotions. However, before investing in the real estate you should consider the position of the property. If it is in the heart of the city centre then the return it will generate will be several factors higher than what you will get if you have a property in the suburbs.

To get a lucrative deal we advise you to contact real estate developers in Delhi NCR. These developers have the intimate knowledge of several attractive deals in the city. You can buy the commercial property for your own business or housing needs or you can let it out on the lease. In both the cases, you will get a healthy revenue stream that few other investment options can match. We have listed some of the positive features of investment in real estate and how it will affect your finances positively.

1). Regular income stream: When you lease out your property to some other business, then you will get a good revenue stream (it depends on a lot of the position of the place). If your property is situated in a thriving business district then the amount of return it will generate will far exceed any dividend that a stock can generate.

2). Use the existing property to buy more property: Properties are also an excellent way to multiply your assets by using them as leverage. You can keep the existing property as collateral and use the money you get from it to buy more assets.

3). Ever growing demand: While the demand for land will only grow as the availability of this precious resource is fixed. Therefore, the price of land can only grow as time pass by. It is, therefore, an important element for you to hedge yourself against the inflationary pressure that is slowly devaluing the rupee. However, make sure that when you contact real estate developers in Delhi NCR. They will show you those properties that have a good chance of further growth.

4). Investment in the real estate for tax benefit: If the property you are buying through a loan for your residential purpose, then you get relief in the Income Tax. If on the other hand, you are buying it for investment purpose then you can claim capital gain exemptions from the Tax authorities.

5). Appreciation of the value of the property: As time go by, the price of the asset will also increase due to the demand and supply issue (where the land is always in short supply). So, if you want to plan long-term investment, then instead of buying a Fixed Deposit or shares of a Blue-Chip company, you can buy a good commercial property and witness hour your investment multiplies several times over in a decade.

Despite all the advantages of investing in properties, you should be careful when you are planning to buy one. Always look whether the property is free from any legal encumbrance. The second thing to consider is how the future of the property market will look like for that particular position (in other words will the place where the property is situated will see an economic boom in the future). If all things okay then go ahead and became the owner of a well-positioned property.

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