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Delicious street foods of India

Street food in India is almost like a character. Without it, India itself is incomplete. Each state has its own defining street foods and most of them taste amazingly delicious. When in India, one has to taste all these finger licking street foods. Depending on which city they are in they need to decide which street food to gorge on.

Here are some easy tips or a guide for the street foods in India.


If you are in Delhi, the capital of India you must try the delicious CholeBature there. Though Delhi will offer you a variety of street foods but this takes the cake for sure. Fresh from the kitchens of Punjab this dish is actually very popular in every corner of this country. But Delhi definitely serves you the best one. This dish is mainly eaten for breakfast or as an evening snack. Apart from that, one can also try the rajmachaat there.


When you want to try this specific dish then Indore is the perfect place for you. This city is located in the heart of India that is; Madhya Pradesh and is very popular for its culinary ranges. One can get to eat a lot of smaosas and namkeens here along with bafla, chaat and lapsi. But if you need to try the best street food of this city, then it has to be PohaJalebi. This can be eaten as an evening snack with some masala tea.


In Patna, which is located in Bihar the best soul food is LittiChokha. This mostly looks like the DaalBati which is available in Rajasthan but the recipe and the taste is completely different. This one is a traditional dish from Bihar which is made from grinded gram nut and sattu but the chokha is made from mashed potatoes, tomato and pure desi ghee. This one is mostly served during breakfast but one can also have it as a meal.


When in Lucknow, you have to try the best street food of the city and that is the famous AlooTikki. This one is mouth-watering, made from mashed potatoes, chillies, a bit of spice and then fried deep in oil. Mostly they are served with spicy green and red chutneys. One can also have aloo chat here which is also made from mashed potatoes and mixed with spices. The other street food that you can try in Lucknow is the Galauti Kebab made from minced meats and spices.

VadaPao and PavBhaji

We all know that Mumbai is famous for its VadaPao and every alternate street stalls have them. Here the fried potato dumplings are known as vada which is served in a bun along with fried green chillies and chutneys. Another popular street food here is PavBhaji. If one wants the pavbhaji recipein Marathi, they can get it from any cook book or online recipe websites.

So, one can easily make these dishes at home as well.

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