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Benefits and requisites of School student visa (Subclass 571)

The School student visa (Subclass 571) permits worldwide students to come to Australia to learn and study a full-time course. One might be able to obtain this visa if he/she
  • Registered as a scholar or student at a primary school in Australia
  • Or secondary school course in Australia
  • Partake in an approved SSEP (Secondary School Exchange Program).

Students can also incorporate their family members in the visa application. They can include their
  • Legal Partners
  • Dependent children and dependent children of partner if any
  • Dependent relatives and dependent relatives of partner if any
Eligibility Criteria for the Visa
  • To receive the student visa subclass 571, you must meet the following criteria.
  • You have to get registered in a course enrolled with CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).
  • You must have sufficient money to reimburse tuition, travel and maintenance costs for yourself as well as for family members incorporated on your visa application.
  • Your personal conditions must reveal that you desire to come into the country for studying only and you would depart from the country as your course finishes.
  • You should meet the rank of English Language expertise which is set by your learning institute.
  • Meet diverse health requirements for that you must undergo specified medical examination.
  • You should have done your health insurance from OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) as it provides medical as well as hospital insurance for all incorporated family members and relatives.
  • Meet the obligatory character necessities.
  • You must meet up the least threshold aptitude or qualification requirement as recommended by the education giver.
  • If you are under 18 years then your parents or else anybody who can officially make a decision where you can reside and should give authorisation for you to learn and study in Australia.
Advantages of the Visa
  • You can learn and study full-time.
  • Your dependent children or relatives can join you if you and they can stand the everyday expenditure as per the local standards of livelihood.
  • Once you begin your study course, you may work up to 40 hrs. Per fortnight while your college or university is in session or is unrestricted in breaks.
  • Family members included on the student's visa application can also work for up to 40 hours per week year-round and unrestrained in certain conditions depending on the program that you have chosen for study.
  • Partner if accompanying you may study up to 3 months. In case you partner desire to study for above three months he/she required applying for student visa separately.
Visa Cost

The base application charge for Australia visa subclass 571 is $ 535 and there is an asset applicant in your visa application you have to pay the additional charge of $ 405 for applicant over 18 years of age and $135 for the applicant under age of $135. Apart from this, you have to pay police examination, medical examination and for certification or translation of document charges.

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