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Dishes with Intense Cravings for Kofta Out of Punjabi Cuisine

Indians have a great taste for gravy dishes that are prepared out of different types of major ingredients. The different taste because of the presence of spices or some other special things that are used while preparation.

But all of them are equally delicious on a platter and are loved by most of the people. If you have feelings for a meal you should always prepare at home something that adds to the flavor of other dishes so that they can be included in the main course.

Simplicity is the major factor behind preparing any dish every day. This is because the simple dishes take lesser time to prepare and the number of ingredients is low and easily available. Cravings for a gravy dish are never going to end and for that reason, the following dishes are going to be your top choice for preparing at home.

Lauki Kofta
For all those vegetarian people loving Punjabi cuisine should not miss on the awesome taste of kofta just because it is made out of meatballs. The special dishes prepared out of Lauki where you can add all the spices and ingredients that are used in preparing Kofta to get the same essence and flavor while having it on a platter. En pure vegetarian household this is going to be a perfect one for weekends with children loving the taste of it.

Malai Kofta
If you are an authentic Punjabi cuisine lover then this is going to be perfect for you. Since it has both spices and sweet ingredients there is a mixed flavor in the gravy. Moreover, the major ingredients add to the amount of protein in the daily diet. The rich flavor of it makes it or trendsetter among all other dishes. Malai is specifically responsible for increasing the sweetness of this dish and making the gravy way thicker. The malai kofta recipe in hindi is going to help people cook it perfectly.

Malai Aloo Kofta Curry
Mashed potatoes can be a perfect complement to the meatballs used in Malai Kofta. In some places, mashed potatoes are also used for preparing the potato balls that are used in the dish. Even though the whole process is almost similar in ingredients, the ways in which the process is carried out differs.

Kele Ka Kofta
This is not specifically out of Punjabi cuisine but the flavor and similarity in taste can add it to the list of dishes. Kele ka Kofta actually means preparing the dish with banana. It is high in nutrients and has numerous microelements in it, for which it is best prepared for lunch. It takes a very small amount of time to prepare and homemakers can cook it every day for which most households have resorted to preparing this.

With so many choices of kofta all around your platter you can prepare any type of Dish that kids and elders at home would love to eat. Do not forget to try preparing each one of them because all are unique in taste and healthy for all.

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