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Psychometric Assessments: The Key to Performance

When something as complicated as a person’s mental capabilities are to be quantified, tests have been devised to help meet this goal. On their own without much thought however, tests could merely be an instrument of assessing one’s recollecting prowess.

Although useful at times, in the current information age due to the onset of computers, a high skill in this field is more often than not, redundant. Thus, when a business is looking to expand its fleet of human resources, it could be beneficial if they tested their potential candidates using a slightly more sophisticated method of evaluation.

This is where psychometric assessment comes into play. These tests follow a standard and have a solid scientific methodical study, backing its claims. It is a way to provide a metric for one’s mental capabilities, behavioural style and sometimes even a prediction on their performance in different designated roles in a company. The desired personality characteristics, aptitude and cognitive abilities can be tuned for different businesses and sometimes even for different roles in the same company.

When a candidate takes such a test, their scores can be compared with various required traits and the extent ofsimilarity to the ideal candidate would also be ascertained easily. With this information, businesses can take very informed decisions during the hiring process.

Employers also have the added benefit of identifying some hidden aspects and characteristics of potential candidates, much earlier than the traditional method of learning it the hard way. This is because it is not easy to extract such information even from interviews alone.

The psychometric assessment would usually be performed on potential candidates whose résumés have first impressed the recruiters. The objective fulfilled here is that the job applicants who are likely to meet the requirements of particular positions only would by psychometrically assessed, thus further narrowing the search through candidates.

As mentioned earlier, a person’s mental prowess is anything but simply quantifiable. This leads to many job applicants debating the effectiveness of any assessment methodology no matter how well studied and documented it is. Psychometric assessment is not spared from this debate either. Many candidates claim that these tests do not, in actuality, assess their real-world abilities, personal traits and even the suitability for the required job openings.

These tests, however, are statistically backed and therefore can be used by businesses to get, on an average, the safest choices of employees. The tests do in fact weed out the mentally incompetent and only rarely pass a few outliers. This works against the interests of the company as well by possibly missing out on candidates that think way beyond the box and fare poorly in the evaluation.

One of the main features of psychometric assessment is to be unbiased and objective. The latter can be considered easier to do by framing questions appropriately. All these tests as mentioned earlier, are prepared by standard methods of evaluation so as to present to everyone, the same questions and instructions to complete them in the hopes of being as unbiased as possible.

It has also been shown that candidates can increase their chances to win desired jobs by improving on apparent weaknesses that have been clearly shown by the results of these tests.

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