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Ways to maintain kit homes

Contrary to popular belief, kit homes are not that hard to maintain. You might need the help of the whole family but it’s simply not impossible. The key in maintaining kit homes is to create a schedule and incorporate it in your weekly life. Having a hard time? Below are some easy tips to keep your kit home in tip top shape without the worry and the hassle.

Create a maintenance checklist

The first thing that you have to do is to create a maintenance checklist that will help you be sane in the whole process. Having a list means that you can keep track on what you are doing and what you are about to do. Creating checklists for necessary maintenance and chores to be done inside and outside on a regular basis will go a long way toward helping you and your family maintaining the great look of your new home. It also means that you can identify the equipment that you will need for the future. Keep a list of the equipment too so that you will already have them.

Employ professionals

Having the number of respected maintenance professionals can be handy in the future in case something goes awry in your home. You don’t want to be caught unprepared when the first snowfall hits. Employ professionals to clean your gutters and get up on the roof of your home to check for loose tiles or shingles, before winter hits.Having their numbers will surely save your life in the future.
Invest on air purifier

It’s easy for the house to smell like something else when you do not invest on an air purifier. Simply knowing you have a purifier working to clean the air in your home can give it a clean and refreshing feel. Far beyond just making your home feel clean, though, are some very practical reasons to get an air purifier. It will make your air home better and a lot more comfortable.

Organize your supplies

Since you have a large space in your home, make sure that you have a storage place where you will put your maintenance equipment. This is more organized since you no longer need to figure out where you put your materials and other important factors. If you hire a lawn service to take care of your lawn and gardens, and a cleaning service to take care of vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms and so on, then you will only need the barest supplies to do spot maintenance yourself.

Do not forget of your lawn and garden

Of course there’s the lawn and the garden that you have to worry about. Seeking help from professionals is not shameful. But if you are in bit of a budget then simple steps will help you maintain this part of your house. Drain the water from any exterior faucets and from any garden hoses. Store your hoses inside during winter, properly coiled up and out of the way.  Put mulch or burlap bags around your flower beds to keep them relatively warm during the winter months. Keep a schedule on doing this.

Get the whole family involved

Cleaning is better when your family is around to help you. Start by just working on having your kids pick up after themselves – putting their coat and shoes away when they come in the house, putting dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning their room, etc. – and add in other chores as able.  It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make in the overall tidiness of the house if just these simple things are done. 

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